FAQ's: What are the sizes of each edition?

Very few, if any, of these images are a "standard" aspect ratio of 1:1.5 like the 35mm frame; they are usually croped into more extreme shapes to accentuate the content of the image or what I was "seeing" when I took the image. 

The margins on all of these prints are large and look more like a matte around the image. And because they are all cropped differently, I have set the longest dimension of each image depending upon the size of the paper itself. So, with the 17x23 inch prints, the longest dimension of the image on the 23 inch axis is 16 inches and the 24x30 inch prints have the longest dimension of 24 inches on the 30 inch axis. 

And, because there are no mattes over the photos to protect them from the glass surface in the framing process, they have to have spacers between the prints and the inside glass surface to protect the print itself.