Nat Clymer by Matt Rainey
Nat Clymer

Nat Clymer by Matt Rainey

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was nine years old but I started working professionally as a photographer while I was in the Navy. When I was discharged, I went back to Rutgers University where I earned my BA in Human Communication and Shakespearean Literature (?!). My senior year I worked full time as a freelance photographer and then after graduation, becasue I had no idea what I was going to do when I grew up, I took a job at a wonderfully creative and challenging weekly newspaper in Central New Jersey. 

I was hooked at that point and knew that photojournalism would be my life's path! I loved the narrative style of the newspaper business back then, the heyday of photojournalism, and I loved meeting people of every imaginable background! from Presidents, to captains of industry to the workers who were the hands that made what of all the corporations sold. 

But after about ten years I realized that I was being worn out emotionally by what I preceived as the negativity and cynicism around me in the newsroom. With the incredible support of my wife, who was pregnant with our second daughter at the time, I left the newsroom behind me and I started my own commercial photography business working for corporations and institutions in the greater New York area and around the country. 

In 2006 my wife and I had a 175 year old New Jersey barn dismantled in it's original location and reassembled on our property so that we could be practicing more of our arts in the wonderful, soothing space. I started having receptions in The Peartree Barn biannually [we had to cut down a pear tree in order to site the barn properly on the lot to take full advantage of photovoltaic solar panels we installed on the roof, hence the name] . 

I wanted to bring family, friends and clients in and show them a type of work that many of them didn't know I had been doing for all my years of carrying a camera. Many of the images were tight detail shots that I had taken on assignments wherever I traveled and a number of them were simply photos that I took while on vacation or for personal projects I have worked on most of my life. They were just little things, graphic elements, or beauty that caught my eye as I wandered the world. 

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